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About Carol Ann

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Carol Ann With James Van Praagh

Carol Ann With Lisa Williams

Originally from the UK, Carol Ann grew up seeing ghosts and spirits but was too afraid to share her experiences with those around her.  It was only after her husband crossed over to the spirit world that she realized she could communicate with him, and understand messages from other spirits.


In order to develop her gift, Carol Ann decided to train with some of the best mediums in the world such as James Van Praagh, Tony Stockwell, and Lisa Williams. After becoming a Certified Psychic Medium she was approached by Lisa to be part of a special international team conducting readings at “Soul Connections”. When Lisa created the International School of Spiritual Development (LWISSD) Carol was invited to train, and is now a certified Master Teacher. Carol has also studied extensively at the Arthur Findlay College in the UK, specifically working with Mavis Pitilla on Platform Mediumship.


In 2017, Carol realized a lifelong dream of running her own shop when she had the opportunity to become the owner of the shop Spiritual Origins in Huntington Beach, CA. As of 2021, it is currently an online metaphysical shop that offers a connection to the metaphysical worldwide. She couldn't be more honored to be the curator this metaphysical home.

Carol Ann’s mission in life is bringing forth the messages from the other side of the veil to share with those who need to hear it. She is able to give messages with details that no one else could know. She may also work with angels and spirit guides to help convey or clarify messages during readings. She often gives names, dates and places that help confirm to her client who she is communicating with. She helps her clients understand how life is “on the other side” and understand that our lives continue on and we are eternal. Unfortunately, there is no guarantee that the spirit you wish to communicate with will respond at that particular time, but typically they will as they want to communicate with you just as much as you want to hear from them.

As a psychic, Carol will read the energy around you and communicate with your spirit guides to give guidance on matters such as relationships, careers, family matters and important concerns past, present and future.Carol may also use tools such as angel or oracle cards, or psychometry (reading personal objects belonging to a person) to assist in the readings.

Carol is based in Orange County, California as well as Las Vegas, Nevada where she available for in person readings. All sessions are also available online via Zoom. 

Please contact Carol to discuss your in person reading needs at: (714) 960-5200.

She is also available for phone readings if you are out the area.

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